Sunday, July 29, 2007

Week 8, Thing #18

Today I explored Zoho. The word processing was very straightforward, although I found it somewhat difficult to figure out the history (I had 3 identities going to try to group edit a document). One of the things I like about Google Docs is that each person's edit is a different color. I suspect that there is someplace in Zoho to make that happen as well.

Another feature of Zoho that I found interesting was the Zoho meeting. It is a place to invite people to a virtual meeting! The only problem was that Macs can't participate without MS Windows. Maybe that is something the folks at Zoho are working on. It would be pretty cool to meet that way!

The Zoho fun continued when I played around with Zoho show. Amazingly enough, I was able to upload and import an old Powerpoint presentation that I did last year for our 6th graders the first time they came to the library. If all works the way it is supposed to, you will see that powerpoint right here!

The potential for this is huge! I can see embeding instructional shows for students and staff in my blog, or on my web page, or having students share their own PowerPoints on a class web page for presentation to their classmates (if you click the little box on the right, it makes a full screen show). Right now we waste so much class time with kids loading their shows up from our school server. I can't wait to share this find!!

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