Sunday, July 1, 2007

Week 5, Thing #11

Playing is a wonderful pastime.....and I found librarything!! What a great social book sharing site this is. In a matter of minutes I had signed up (need a binder for all these sites) and entered a few of the books in my personal collection. What is really cool is that I can see who else has the same books I do, and I can view their libraries for ideas for other books I might like. The site also includes a review section, a book swapping option, and much, much more. This will definitely be on the list of 2.0 sites I share with my staff. If you would like to take a look, I added an element to my sidebar which shows a random selection of the books in my library. Very cool!

For this task I also explored Ning. Library 2.0 led me in so many different directions, and the layout was very "busy". The TeacherLibrarianNetwork seemed much more manageable to me; perhaps because it appears to be a more narrowly focused group. I found the discussion about bringing 2.0 tools to the staff helpful. I will probably lurk for a while, and then jump in.

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