Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Week 3, Thing #7

OK...I have died and gone to heaven. I found Zazzle which partners with Flickr and I am making my own postage stamps. This actually looks like a great site for designing custom items from posters to t-shirts and beyond. I am considering designing a postage stamp with an appropriate supportive graphic about libraries that I can use when I send my monthly newsletters to our school board members. I still haven't found how to mashup my pictures, though.

I know I have only touched the surface here, but I really think that learning about Web 2.0 technologies is really important. I suspect most of the teachers at my school, as well as many of the parents are not really aware of all that is out there. The more we learn, the better we can connect with our students who are so adept at this already. I know this is going to get more difficult, but right now it is so much fun!!


LA McCready said...

I love the postage stamp idea!

kangaLMT2 said...

Thanks...I created a stamp with my dog, just for kicks. A sheet of them will be arriving in the mail in a couple of days. If this all works, I plan to design a stamp about school libraries.....not sure what the graphic or text will be, but I am thinking it will be a good pr tool.

Joan Tracy said...

Thanks for link to and recommend of TeacherTube. I too am going to use this