Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Week 3, Thing #6 (cont.)

Another fun 3rd party application....the slide show. I can think of some great uses. What a terrific intro to a reading list to have book covers be part of a slide show....kids creating slides that depict characters, scenes and events in a story.....and then writing about them...and on and on!

P.S.....If the cube spins too fast, just put your mouse over it and you can control it!


Anonymous said...

I really like your blog; it is great to see someone else having so much fun with these 23 Things. I had a great time doing it! One thing you might want to consider is making links within blog posts. For example, when you list Zazzle (which I hadn't heard of and will go to when I finish this comment) you can make the word "Zazzle" a link so interested readers can go directly there. If you use a Mac you can't do the links though. I have to find a PC to add my links.

kangaLMT2 said...

Turning Zazzle into a link was relatively easy. I just had to edit the html code to point the word to the website. The help section of blogger gave me step-by-step instructions, so it was pretty painless. Thanks to helenlmt2 for the suggestion!