Sunday, January 3, 2010

I'm still here!

Well, I have jumped in with both feet this time... I have adapted the 23 Things tutorial for my school staff. There were a number of links that were no longer valid, and some of the tools are not really relevant to what our school does, so I changed it up a bit. So far, one teacher has signed on...I am hoping for a few more.

I also decided to export the blog to share with my fellow teacher librarians at their schools. With a minimum amount of time they should be able to be up and running with their school sites as well.

1 comment:

Jackie S, 2.0 project manager said...

Excellent! Once you've finished SLL2.0, it is easy to re-brand or re-purpose. Good to see you are doing so.

Best wishes.
PS: Let us know of any bad links!